Entertainment Unit Design: Putting More than Your TV on Display

On average, Australians watch nearly 75 hours of broadcast TV every month. And that's before you even take into account things like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

With so much time spent in front of our TVs, we want to be able to watch in comfort. Entertainment units are designed to display your TV in a stylish, but also practical way.

But your TV entertainment centre doesn't just need to be used for showing off your 50-inch flatscreen. You can use it to display plenty of other things.

So read on as we look at the different types of entertainment units and how you can show them off to the best effect.


A basic TV stand will usually include a couple of shelves intended for things like your set-top box, Blu-ray player, or audio system.

This doesn't leave you with that much room for adding anything additional to your display. Some may include additional drawers but again there's not much scope for adding anything else to the look. You might be able to fit some DVDs or Blu-rays on a shelf, or maybe a few books, but not much more.

If the stand itself is wider than your TV, there's the option of putting things on either side of your TV. Potted plants or family photos can make a good choice here.


An armoire is deliberately designed to hide away your TV equipment when it's not in use. 

The shelving inside is likely to be used for housing your set-top boxes, streaming devices, and other AV equipment. But there may be some free shelving space either above or below your television. 

Plants don't really work here, as when you close your armoire they won't have access to any light. Books or decorative ornaments are about all you will be able to fit in.


TV chests will also usually consist mostly of drawers, with some open shelves for your equipment.

With the majority of the chest enclosed, there are not an enormous number of options for displaying anything other than your television. But if the chest is wider than your TV, then you can use the space on the sides for potted plants, photos, ornaments, or even a lamp. 

Corner Units

Corner TV units are a great way to make use of the space in your living room.

Due to their design, there will usually be some spare space on the standing surface. Lamps, photographs, plants, or even candles can add some interest to your TV space. You may also be able to display some books or DVDs on any spare shelves in the unit.


Floating TV units are attached to the wall so that they hang above the level of the floor. 

These units look incredibly modern and stylish, and will quite often be significantly wider than the TV they support. This gives you much more choice in the kind of items you might want to display.

A carefully arranged pile of books can look great next to your TV. You could also prop up a few of your favourite books between some stylish bookends. Larger ornaments such as vases can also look really smart on a modern floating TV unit.

Larger potted plants and tall candles can also add visual interest.

Wall Units

Wall units give you much more choice when it comes to displaying more than just your TV.

These are usually pretty substantial pieces of furniture which not only house your TV and other equipment but also offer a lot of useful display space as well as storage. If you use your entertainment centre as a hub for gaming, then displaying controllers, games, and handheld devices can look great as well as being practical.

Multiple shelves give you the chance to use themed ornaments or matching candles over a number of different heights to really catch the eye. You could also use downlighting on the shelves to show off your display items with a really modern look. 


If you're looking for the daddy of all entertainment units, then the built-in unit has to be it.

You can devote an entire wall to your unit, meaning that you will have a huge amount of display space and storage, above, below, and either side of your television. This gives you the opportunity to really go to town with your decorative choices. You'll have space to include ornaments, potted plants, books, photographs, lamps, books, games, DVDs, and Blu-rays as well as having plenty of room for all of your AV equipment.

If you have the space, the money, and you want to put way more than just your TV on display, then a built-in unit is the way to go.


One final option is ideal if you're looking for an entertainment centre that isn't for your living room.

TV units with built-in fireplaces are a great way to show off your TV and other objects as well as bringing warmth and light to your room. The fire itself will usually take up a large proportion of the unit, so display within it will be limited, but you should have room for a couple of decorative items on either side of your TV.

And the fire itself will be the real showpiece.

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