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White Madora Floor TV Unit
White Sentara Floating TV Unit
3m White Gloss Grandora TV Unit
White Sentara Floor TV Unit
1.8m White Suprilla TV Unit
Olympia Black Corner TV Unit
4.2m White Suprilla TV Unit
Black Sentara Floating TV Unit
White Harrington Floor TV Unit
Ella TV Cabinet Black Oak
White Grandora 1.8m TV Cabinet
2m Adorra Floating TV Unit
White High Gloss Intivia TV Unit
Brown Metro TV Cabinet

Entertainment Units Melbourne

If you're looking to buy a modern, stylish tv unit design then you've come to the right place. The TV units for sale at Retro Designs are some of the best that you'll come across. Why? Because we put our stamp of quality and assurance on each and every tv unit. It's not easy finding the ultimate style and design for what you have envisioned for your family living room at home, and shopping online, however, convenient, can made it harder. We at Retro Designs want to make the entire process simple and easy, so you don't have to go through a long, drawn-out process to find the perfect entertainment unit match for your needs. Shop online with Retro Designs and feel the difference in quality, price, and experience straight away.

TV Cabinets for Every Living Room

One thing that we understand here at Retro Designs above anything else is that everyone has a different taste. This means that your idea of the ideal tv entertainment unit might be miles apart from the next person. This is why we endeavor to cater to each and every customer as an individual. Have you managed to bring all of your worldly possessions into one living room to show off every time you have guests around, or are you moving more toward a minimalistic, modern vibe as you grow more into the idea of decorating your home? Perhaps you're looking for a range of entertainment TV units that has functionality and storage in mind, where you can house all kinds of knick-knacks, from books to your DVD player. Whatever it is you need, our extensive range of low line, extendable, floating, and wall-mounted entertainment units can spell out your perfect ensemble with ease.

When it comes to appearance, it's important to get it right. If you have modern, understated tones throughout your home that you want to remain unchanged, then you're probably looking for a TV entertainment unit that can blend in with the background without too much fuss. On the other hand, perhaps you're hoping to find something that can complement that feature wall in your living area; something that's going to stand out, yet look the part at the same time. This is why all of our entertainment units come in three different colors: brown, white, and black. Whether you prefer a retro vibe, or you like to keep up with the play and offer your guests a more modern take, we can help you.

Entertainment Units with Functionality and Personality

TV cabinets can be used as places to store things that you'd rather not be left out. You might be more inclined to choose something that you can hang from the wall, and place in between some of your more interesting pieces of art. Perhaps you just have one corner left in the room, and you know that it's the perfect spot for your tv entertainment unit, so that it can face the couches without too many adjustments. The beauty of our TV cabinet range is that you have the freedom of choice so that you can finally realize the entertainment space of your dreams. View our range of:

* Lowline entertainment units

* Floating entertainment units

* Corner entertainment units

* Long entertainment units

Shop Online with Peace of Mind

One thing that we guarantee is that we can reach you wherever you may be located in Australia. We also guarantee that your TV unit gets to you in one piece, which is why we offer free transit insurance that will cover it from the moment it's dispatched, up until the moment you receive it. We also have many different payment options to choose from, including bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and ZipPay. We also offer AfterPay, which means that you can shop for your perfect entertainment TV unit now, and worry about paying for it later. If you’re new to AfterPay, simply sign up for it when you place the order in your shopping cart. Here at Retro Designs, we want our customers to have the best experience possible, and benefit from our unique, modern range of entertainment units. Read less
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