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White Sentara Floating TV Unit
Black Sentara Floor TV Unit
1.8m White Suprilla TV Unit
White Madora Floor TV Unit
3.6m White Gloss Grandora TV Unit
3m White Gloss Suprilla TV Unit
Black Sentara Floating TV Unit
White Sentara Floor TV Unit
2.4m White Grandora TV Cabinet
2m Adorra Floating TV Unit
White High Gloss Intivia TV Unit
Brown Metro TV Cabinet
Metro High Gloss TV Cabinet
1.2m Black Suprilla TV Unit
Liberty Black Corner TV Unit

Entertainment Units Sydney

If you live in Australia and you're hoping to be connected to some of the best TV units Sydney has to offer; then you need to seriously consider our entertainment unit Sydney range here at Retro Designs. Our goal is to meet your needs both in quality and price range, which is why everything you see for sale online has been made with premium quality materials, yet is still cheap when compared to other premium quality products out there. One of the best things about our TV unit Sydney range is that it can fit into any aesthetic, so whether you've got your living space sorted or you're still undecided, we can make your area look elegant, modern, and stylish.

Give your living room or home theatre the best setup any of your family and friends have ever seen with Retro Designs' TV entertainment units Sydney range. We want the best for your home just like you do, and we think that from our designs range from small to long entertainment units, can make all of your living room décor dreams come true.

Our Exquisite TV Cabinet Sydney Range

Whether you're in Sydney or the greater NSW area, the best part of shopping online with us is that you can get our range out to you hassle-free. Within our broad range of TV entertainment units, we offer various designs that are bound to fit in with the style of your home. From modern, long, low, slimline, and corner tv units to floating, extendable, and wall-mounted, we guarantee that there's something in our TV cabinets range that's going to suit your needs. This means that if you have plans to create a space for a wall-mounted TV unit, you can make it happen. If you prefer to keep things low to the ground, like your coffee table, and you want your unit to follow suit, you can choose from our sophisticated low line range.

You might even have everything you already want in your entertainment area, and you've only got a corner left. You know that our extensive range of corner entertainment units and entertainment units would look perfect there, and what's more, they're a great space to store anything, from photo albums to media storage and media devices.


When it comes to how you want your TV cabinet to function, it all comes down to what you want to show off, and how much storage you need. You might be someone who prefers to have everything on show for your guests to admire. On the other hand, you might be someone who prefers to keep things tucked away and tidy, so that your guests have the space to relax. Whether you have a simple set up or one that requires many layers, our generous, yet compact designs is going to make it easy for you to maintain a high level of function within your space, without having to make many sacrifices.

When it comes to the shape, this also contributes towards what the end result will look like when it comes to the style of your home. Are you hoping to fill up a big space with your TV unit, or would you prefer it to be able to fit nicely into a fitted out space? Are you hoping to fit your entertainment unit around a couple of windows that will remain the main feature, or have you got an entire wall to deck out that you hope can accommodate your unit with some art, as well? When it comes to decorating your home space, the choices are endless. This is why the choices at Retro Designs are endless as well, and you’ll notice that we have all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and measurements that you can choose from. We want to make it easy for you to find your perfect match.

Shipping and Delivery

When we ship out your brand new Retro Designs entertainment unit, we want it to get to you in one piece. This is why we offer free transit insurance for the ride. We also offer a 14 days Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, as well as one year warranty. We offer many different forms of payment, from AfterPay to bank transfer and credit card or PayPal. We also have excellent customer service, available to help you with anything, whenever you need it. When you shop with Retro Designs for your TV entertainment unit, you will really be able to feel the difference. Read less
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