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White Sentara Floor TV Unit
White Madora Floor TV Unit
Metro High Gloss TV Cabinet
Liberty White Corner TV Unit
3m Black Gloss Suprilla TV Unit
3m White Gloss Suprilla TV Unit
Black Sentara Floating TV Unit
White Sentara Floating TV Unit
2.4m Black Grandora TV Cabinet
2m Adorra Floating TV Unit
White High Gloss Intivia TV Unit
Brown Metro TV Cabinet
1.2m Black Suprilla TV Unit
1.8m White Suprilla TV Unit
Liberty Black Corner TV Unit
Olympia Black Corner TV Unit
Olympia White Corner TV Unit

Buy Entertainment Units in Adelaide

The best part about Retro Designs is that you don't have to just live in Adelaide to benefit from our extensive range of entertainment systems. In fact, we cater to our customers Australia-wide , wherever you may be located. When you buy an entertainment TV from us at Retro Designs, you are investing in modern, stylish, sleek, and elegant designs.

TV Entertainment Unit Functionality

Whatever your TV cabinets look like, you want to make sure that they serve a function or purpose. While our TV entertainment units prioritize appearance, we want to make sure that they can do a lot more than just look good, too. We know that the realities of life mean that you'll have things you prefer to store away, especially when you have guests over for dinner. Whether you've got ornaments that you'd like to put out on display or gaming consoles that the teenagers like to leave lying around that need a permanent home, we've got to set up to suit your needs. We have TV units with draws and extendable storage spaces, and the best part is that it's all done discreetly so that you can maintain the ambiance of the room. Whether you'd rather make the most of the shelves or the storage space, our beautiful range makes it easy to fit your needs.


Appearance is just as important as functionality – if more so. You’ve got a set idea of what you want your living space to look like, and you want to be able to find the perfect TV unit that will fit effortlessly in. Perhaps you’ve decided that your home could do with a revamp when it comes to style and design, and you’re hoping to start with the TV stand. We know that some of our customers like to make a statement with the appearance of their entertainment unit, while others prefer to keep tones neutral and blended. Whether you’re looking for a floating TV set, wall-mounted tv units, extendable tv units, low line tv units, or corner tv units, we’ve got the lot. If you’ve already got a loud atmosphere with feature walls and furniture that’s there to make a statement, you might be hoping to find something that’s a bit more understated, like a black or white design. Perhaps you’ve gone for a retro vibe, and you know that a brown TV unit will fit the bill perfectly. However you want to make your relaxed space at home appear, we can help you with it.

Suited for Your Home

Our ultimate goal with Retro Designs is to match you up with your ideal TV set design so that you don't have to even think about looking anywhere else. We're continually working on getting those designs and styles as close to what our customers are looking for as possible. Whether the living room is somewhere where you find solace and respite, or where you have your best friends over for a night of movies and board games, having the right entertainment units is going to make all the difference.

Shop Online with Ease of Mind

When you shop online with Retro Designs, the entire process is user-friendly and relaxed from start to finish. We also offer AfterPay, so that you can find your perfect TV cabinet without having to pay for it all upfront. When you checkout with your shopping cart, you’ll notice that we also offer more convenient ways to pay, too, like credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. If you live rurally and are worried about the delivery process, don't worry – we offer transit insurance that covers your package until it gets to you. We also offer 14 days Money Back Guarantee. Whether you’re hoping to bring your living room back to life with a brand new entertainment unit, or you simply are looking for essential items to add, you can do it all here at Retro Designs. Read less
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