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3.6m White Suprilla TV Unit
3m White Gloss Suprilla TV Unit
3m Black Gloss Suprilla TV Unit
Ella TV Cabinet Black Oak
3.6m White Gloss Grandora TV Unit
3m White Gloss Grandora TV Unit
4.2m White Suprilla TV Unit
Tetra Black Gloss TV Unit
Tetra White Gloss TV Unit
Ella Brown TV Cabinet
Ella White Gloss TV Cabinet

Long Entertainment Unit

If you're located in Australia and in need of an extra-long or very long TV to go with your current living room aesthetic, then you need to check out the extensive range right here at Retro Designs. Our TV units for sale come in many different shapes and sizes, but we know that long entertainment units are fitting of a modern setting that many people want to try and achieve. We work hard to bring you some of the best TV ranges on the market, which is why each and every style and design has been made with the best quality materials at a great price. One of the best things about our TV stand range is that it can be matched with almost any living room style, making us one of the most versatile tv entertainment unit companies online.

Long Entertainment Unit

Whether you’ve got gaming consoles to keep nice and tidied away, or you’re hoping to nestle your latest entertainment unit between rows of your favorite books, we can help. This is why we offer our range in both lowline and slimline design. Slimline is ideal if you have a sleek, minimalistic vibe to your entertainment room, and you don’t want your unit to stand out too much. Lowline is perfect for those that like to keep the walls decorated with beautiful paintings or sentimental family portraits. For functionality and design, both sets in our range can fit into your current aesthetic.

Not only is style and design important, but color as well. The color of your entertainment unit can make or break the general look of the room. If you're planning on keeping your entertainment unit understated, we suggest you check out our range of black gloss polyurethane. They come with a beautiful sheen that suggests class and elegance while blending in effortlessly with the background. Alternately, if you have a modern, chic vibe that you consider essential to your living area, then perhaps you need to look through our white gloss polyurethane sets. This way, you can keep everything looking spacious and bright, without compromising on quality.

Our Desirable Entertainment Unit Range

When thinking about what size you want your entertainment units to be, it's important to think about how much space you've got to work with, our entertainment units come in 2.4m / 240cm , 3m / 300cm , 3.6m / 360cm , and 4.2m / 420cm entertainment units.

One of the things that we love the most about our entertainment range is its functionality. There aren't too many tv entertainment unit ranges out there that prioritize both looks and function at the same time. A lot of the time, you find that your entertainment unit has everything you need to watch your favorite TV shows, but it doesn't look that great sitting there with the rest of your décor. Other times, it looks like a piece of art but doesn't have enough space to keep everything entertainment-related together.

With a TV cabinet like this, you can fit it underneath windows, against feature walls, or beneath pictures so that it doesn’t take over the room completely. Again, there are so many different features to choose from with Retro Designs, that you’ll be able to take your time online deciding what is going to look best in your living space.

Delivery and Shipping

Retro Designs takes pride in bringing you some of the best entertainment units at affordable prices with fast delivery. This is why we offer Free Transit Insurance, as well as a 14 Days money-back guarantee in case things don't look as they should when you receive your order. If something happens within the first year of purchase, we offer a warranty to cover this.

Retro Designs, we prioritize our customer's safety by offering many different forms of payment. From credit card to bank transfer and AfterPay, we have many different options for you to choose from so that you feel completely comfortable making your purchase online. With the Retro Designs stamp of quality and approval, you can feel confident that our entertainment units are some of the best you'll find. Read less
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